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So, What is a Duvet Cover and What Do You Need it For?

- Hotel Sheets Direct Brand Team

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Ah, the bed. Our comfortable safe haven that is always there for us when we’ve completed a hard day’s work in the capitalist rat race. However, some of those rat racers out there might not be utilizing their bed and blankets to their full potential. 

I won’t name names, but...some of us aren’t using duvet covers

I know, it’s hard to believe - but it’s true. Moreover, some of us might not even know how to use a duvet cover, or what a duvet cover even is. If you’re one of these people, that’s okay. This is a comfy, judgement-free zone. But, I am going to tell you that 1) you’re totally missing out, and 2) you’re about to learn all of the ins and outs of duvets right here.

We’re going to get into every little detail, starting with some age-old questions: What is a duvet cover? What goes inside a duvet cover? (hint: it’s duvets), what is the purpose of a duvet cover? How do you put on a duvet cover? And, most importantly, what’s the best, softest duvet cover to get? (Another hint: it’s ours). Let’s dive right in! 

What is a Duvet Cover Exactly?

To put it simply, a duvet cover is a cover that, well, covers the duvet. Try saying that 3 times fast. 

In more complex terms, a duvet cover acts as a large cloth bag to envelope the duvet insert like a soft, patterned cocoon. They often make duvet covers with zippers, buttons, and/or ties to keep the duvet insert inside without falling out. 

Think of it like a soft jacket, but for your blanket!

Inserts & Duvet Covers vs. Comforters

Now that we’ve gotten through the mouthful that is a duvet cover definition, let’s talk about the duvet. What is a duvet? The more times I type ‘duvet’ the weirder the word looks. Duvet. Duvet. Duvet. AHH! 

Anyway, a duvet is defined as a layer of bedding with a cover that’s used to keep you warm at night. Like a blanket, but with a cover. So essentially, a duvet is a blanket with a cover on it. Make sense?
So, how is that different from a comforter? Great question! A duvet is technically 2 pieces: the cover and the insert. You can’t have one without the other, otherwise it’s just a blanket!
A comforter, on the other hand, is just 1 piece and is filled with stuffing such as wool, down, or down-alternatives. 

So, now to answer the major question: can you put a duvet cover over a comforter?

Yes! Just make sure it fits the dimensions, as comforters can be a bit thick.

Can You Use a Duvet Cover By Itself?

I mean, yes, no one’s stopping you from using it that way. But, duvet covers are really lightweight, and would pretty much just act as a sheet rather than a blanket. This could be to your benefit if you’re sleeping in the summer without A/C or if you run hot, but if you’re in a colder climate you may want to consider adding an actual insert in there. 
If you really run hot, we suggest our duvet cover - it’s honestly one of the best cooling duvet covers out there - no sweat, no sizzling sleep, just serene snoozing.

Why You Need a Duvet Cover

Oh, where do I begin? We’ve answered the ‘What is a duvet cover’ question already, so let me skip that step and make this easier to write (and to read) by breaking it down in bullet point form:

  • They keep the insert clean and protected. Blankets and comforters get super dirty, and washing them can be an unbelievable pain in the butt. They’re heavy, thick, and hard to dry! However, if you have a solid duvet cover, you won’t have to worry about washing your blankets or comforters - just toss the cover in the wash and put it right back on. 
  • They’re an affordable alternative to comforters. Designed blankets and comforters are expensive, folks. Like, hundreds of dollars. It’s too much, especially when you can put a duvet cover over any blanket and get the same result - with a better design. By the way, our duvet cover comes in several beautiful colors to match your bedroom. It’s an ultra-soft, super cooling, breathable, environmentally friendly, hotel-standard bamboo duvet cover that makes any blanket feel like an expensive comforter, without the high price tag! It even comes with 2 pillow shams to make sure your whole bed is covered in coziness.
  • They provide an easy way to decorate. There is no easier way to completely change the way your bed (and room) looks than with a duvet cover and sham set. You can literally change the color of your bed at your whim! Looking to get cozy for the holidays? Get a holiday-themed cover! Need some floral summer vibes? There are covers for that too! You can change your cover to suit your mood!
  • They’re easy to clean. I mentioned this, but I should note - duvet covers are only easy to clean if they’re washable duvet covers (like ours!). Some duvet covers have to be hand washed, which (in my opinion), takes all of the convenience out of having one in the first place. 
  • They provide extra comfort. Have an uncomfortable, itchy blanket at home? Slip our cozy, silky bamboo duvet cover over it to change your experience completely - without having to spend cash on a new blanket. Bam. I just saved you like 60 bucks! You can thank me later. 

How to Use a Duvet Cover

This, unfortunately, is an issue many who have made the leap into duvet-cover town have faced: just how do you put on a duvet cover? The answer is simple, but not easy: corner ties. Most duvet covers include ties on the inside of the corners - if they don’t, don’t bother with them. 

I’ve included another handy guide to help you in what might be the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do:

  1. Take your duvet cover, and flip it inside out. 
  2. Lay the cover down flat, with the opening facing you.
  3. Lay your blanket or comforter on top of the duvet.
  4. Tie the ends of the blanket/comforter with the top 2 inner corner ties of the cover. 
  5. Slowly and carefully flip the duvet cover back out. It will slowly swallow your blanket like some kind of giant anaconda. This is normal. 
  6. If available, tie the bottom two corners of the duvet cover to your blanket.
  7. Zip/button it up to ensure a 0% chance of escape.
  8. You’re done! 

Final Thoughts

For years, we have asked the question ‘What is a duvet cover?’, and now we finally know. I hope all of your duvet-related questions have been answered, and that you’ll believe us when I say that our duvet cover really rocks. If you have any other questions, or just want to see more of our amazing products, be sure to check out our website

Have a cozy night!

Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor