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The Best Modern Guest Bedroom Ideas for 2022

- Hotel Sheets Direct Brand Team

A neatly organized modern bedroom with a bed and bookshelf

So, you’ve moved into a house or apartment big enough to have a guest room. Awesome! that you have it, you’re lost on how to decorate it. Given the name, one can surmise that guests will be spending the most amount of time in this room, so you’ve gotta make the best impression here. 

Where do we start? How do we design the ultimate modern guest bedroom that will have our guests saying ‘Man, I wish I lived here forever’?

Stick with us, dear reader, because we’re about to give you some of the hottest modern guest bedroom ideas that will take your spare room from 1 star motel to 5 star hotel in no time.

From the basics of guest room furniture and the ins and outs of contemporary design, all the way down to what sheets to put on your guest bed, you’ll be completely covered.

Let’s get going!

Putting Together a Contemporary Guest Room

Let’s start with the basic layout - how exactly does one put a modern guest room together? What’s the best use of space for your guests? We’ve divided it out into a list to make it nice, easy, and aesthetically pleasing: 

Start with the Bed!

As we all know, the bed is the most important part of the guest room experience (or any bedroom experience, really). Think about it - when you go to a hotel, what’s the biggest draw? A comfy, cozy bed. So, it’s important you focus there first.
Having a comfortable bed is a must, and what better way to do that than with comfortable sheets, pillows, and duvet covers? If you’re worried about where to start, just check out our website - it has all that and more. Heck, you can even get soft, aesthetically pleasing towels for the guest bathroom to match your bedroom colors. The options are limitless!

The More Floor Space, the Better!

Modern aesthetics are all about space, so it makes sense that floor space is valued. Not only will your guests need plenty of room for their suitcases and bags, more floor space keeps it minimal - and minimalism is the cornerstone of any contemporary guest bedroom.

If you’re really looking to up the hospitality up a notch, we recommend getting a low table or suitcase rack for your guests to put their things on. Not only does that create floor space, but your guests won’t have to crouch down to get their things! 

Proper Seating Options are a Must

The bed shouldn’t be the only place you can kick back and relax. A minimal upholstered arm chair, loveseat, or even a muted bean bag chair would look great in any modern guest bedroom. 

Lights! Lights! Lights! 

A lot of people trying to come up with contemporary guest bedroom ideas fail to see the light - literally. Light is so often overlooked, even in a naturally well-lit space. Minimalism is all about bright, tidy spaces - so don’t be afraid to go all out to make sure every corner has some brightness! From table lamps to overheads to reading lamps, you’ll want to be covered here. 

Try placing 2 symmetrical black reading lamps over the bed for simple yet visually pleasing aesthetics.

Make Space in The Drawers 

You want your guests to make themselves at home, right? Most people can really only deal with living out of their suitcases for a day or so before it gets unorganized, unpleasant, and visually unappealing. Leave the drawers empty in a dresser to give your guests the option of using them freely. 

In terms of dresser design, go with something sleek, muted, and simple. That way, your furniture pieces can stand out while they fit in. Pretty neat, right? 

Good Books Look Good Anywhere

Time for some guest bedroom ideas modern masters can’t live without - strategically placed decoration! Not only do books give guests something to do in their downtime, they look sophisticated in any space. Don’t overdo it (we’re trying to keep with minimalism here), but 2 or 3 aesthetically pleasing and interesting books would look good on any low table, night stand or, obviously, a black or white shelf

Don’t Forget Basic (But Stylish) Necessities

Everyone has a cellphone, but that shouldn’t stop you from incorporating a sleek lighted clock and/or some stationary to your minimalist masterpiece. These modern guest room ideas extend to the guest bathroom, too (if you’ve got one). A chic black hairdryer and some suave little shampoo and conditioner sets can go a long way for anyone stopping by! 

How to Style Your Guest Bedroom

We won’t get weighed down with details here - but, we will get into some more complex contemporary questions you might have! 

Choosing the Right Colors

As you may have parsed from our suggestions, contemporary/modern color palettes are known for being laid back, muted, and solid. In fact, many minimalist-modern rooms rely solely on black, white and gray

However, your modern guest bedroom ideas don’t have to be limited and colorless! Here is a helpful chart of neutral colors that work well in any contemporary guest room: 

Color palette showing a wide range of shades

If you’re a little lost, we’ve got you covered (literally!) - we’ve got some amazingly soft sheets right here that come in 14 lovely modern colors, so you can tailor your bed to meet your aesthetic preferences without the stress.

Finding the Right Decorations

You can get quite creative here! The only restrictions are making sure you’re working within your color palette and not going overboard. 

Keep it minimal and geometric! This can mean anything from a few hanging plants to a large art piece, but make sure you’re not going crazy and filling up every part of the wall. A tasteful piece or two are really all you need to upgrade a room! 

The Final Touch: Good Sheets

Many people think the most important part of any guestroom is the look and comfortability of the bed. And, well, they’re right! The bed is the most important part of any guest bedroom, so make sure you nail down every detail! Even more important is that you nail down the sheets

We can say with the utmost certainty (and we think you’ll agree) that no contemporary guest bedroom is complete without extremely soft sheets that not only match the aesthetic of the bed, but match the aesthetic of the room.

That’s why we recommend these silky soft, neutral-toned bamboo bed sheets. They’re sustainably resourced, stain and tear-resistant, anti-pilling, and most importantly - unbelievably soft. What’s more, you can get them in an array of neutrally-toned colors, such as pastel yellow, cream, or even lavender! Mix and match until you get the guestroom of your dreams. 

Final Thoughts

Why waste cash on a home designer when you can just read this blog? We can’t think of a good reason. Either way, we hope this helped you figure out what to do with that old spare room! If you have any other questions, or just want to know more about the subtle art of comfort, check out our website

Your new guest room awaits!

Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor