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The Ultimate Bedding Accessory Guide with Everything You Need for the Bedroom

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Getting new bedding can be a pain. There are so many bedding styles and accessories to choose from making the process overwhelming instead of exciting. You want to make sure that you have all the bedding essentials you need to get the best sleep possible. We’re going to try to make this as easy as picking out hand towels for your bathroom. Before rushing to the nearest store to get new bedding, here is a bedding accessory guide for everything you need to create the perfect sleeping environment. Let’s get into it!

Mattress Protectors 

You want to make sure that you invest in a high quality mattress that you love so you can get the best sleep. After bringing your dream mattress home, you want to make sure you protect it from bed bugs, allergens, and accidents. To keep your mattress looking good for years to come, you should invest in a mattress protector. It will be able to keep your bed clean, comfortable, and healthy. It’s a thin layer that fits over the mattress to prevent unwanted bacteria or dust from getting under the covers with you at night. 

Here are some things you should think about when purchasing a mattress protector:

  • If you suffer from severe allergies, you should look at finding mattress protectors that are made out of material that blocks allergens.
  • Find a mattress protector that is 100% waterproof to protect your mattress from spills. 
  • If you deal with night sweats, you can find a mattress protector with cooling technology to improve circulation. This will help keep the body cool and keep you asleep longer. 

Mattress Topper 

If you want to feel like you have a new mattress without buying a brand new one, you can get a mattress topper. This bedding accessory works as an extension of the mattress by giving it extra height and cushioning. If you get a gel mattress topper, it will help you keep cool at night and contours nicely to your body to relieve your pressure points. Even though a mattress topper is not the same as a mattress protector, it still can combat dust mites, so you can sleep soundly without worrying about it. 

Bed Sheets  

Once you have your mattress down, you’re going to want to put some bed sheets over it. This bedding essential is something everyone needs. It makes your bed look nice and cozy for a good night’s sleep. Most people have cotton sheets, but those are sometimes not very durable in the long run. 

A bamboo bed sheet set is great because they last a long time while still being comfortable for your sleeping oasis you’re trying to create. To choose bed sheets it’s best to feel them to see if they fit your personal preferences. 

Duvet Cover  

Now you have the base layer of your bed, it’s time to think about what you want for your duvet cover. You probably want something that is soft and will last a long time. You need to think about what materials are going into your duvet cover. Microfiber is the most common filling for a duvet cover because it is cheap to produce. Think about getting a bamboo duvet cover because a microfiber duvet will never be as soft as a bamboo duvet. Bamboo is free of harsh chemicals and is an organic material that will last many late nights.  


You want something comfortable and soft to rest your head on every night. Pillowcases are a great bedding accessory as they protect your pillows night after night. When looking at pillowcases, you want them to be breathable, have antibacterial properties, and low maintenance. 

Cotton pillowcases are great, but you might want to think about having bamboo pillowcases. They are more comfortable and the material is more durable than cotton so they last longer.  To go a step further, you might want to get pillow covers to put underneath your pillowcases. This extra layer can give yourself support and comfort when you rest your head on your pillow. This will give you a double layer of protection against allergens and a boost of comfort. 

Blackout Curtains

Before you can tuck yourself in the bed, you want to make sure that no natural light accidentally wakes you up earlier than you would like. To complete your bedroom, you can get blackout curtains to prevent light creeping in. An alternative to blackout curtains, can be wearing a sleep mask at night. Making sure that the light is blocked out will improve your sleep and help you feel relaxed in your sleeping environment. This will help prepare you to tackle the next day fully rested. 


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Wrap Up

Now you have everything you need to spice up your sleeping space. All of these products have different styles and are made from different materials. It might take some time to find pieces that you love to enhance your sleep space for the better. Just think about how much better your sleep will be when you get all your bedding essentials. It’s going to be revolutionary! So, get shopping now for your bedding essentials today!

Contributing Writer: Madeline Collins