Viscose vs Rayon: Is there a difference | Hotel Sheets Direct

What is Viscose? What is Rayon? What is the definition of bamboo sheets?

definition of bamboo sheets

What is Rayon?

Rayon is the name of a large group of materials produced using different processes.  It is classified as neither natural or artificial and usually is made from wood pulp and processed and forced through a spinneret resulting in a thread usable in a wide range of products from table cloths, bedding, to clothing.

The wood used can come from a variety of plants and tress. Different starting materials will produce different types of end product.

Rayon has characteristics similar to silk and has been referred to as artificial silk. Many forms of rayon uses harsh chemicals to create the final product but the final product is free of harmful chemicals.

What is Viscose?

Viscose is actually a form of rayon but manufactured differently. There is very little if any difference between Viscose and Rayon in it's final form.  Certain forms of Viscose are more eco-friendly due to the way it is created and how it is biodegradable.  

So what form of material does Hotel Sheets Direct use in our Bamboo Sheets?

We use Viscose derived from Organic sustainable bamboo.  Bamboo itself is a very hardy plant that needs very little water and doesn't need pesticides to grow.  

Additionally we use the most eco-friendly process to make our sheets.  The process we use is called the Lyocell process which uses N-Methlymorpholine N-oxide which is the least environmentally disruptive method.

Some of our customers have even tried cutting off a small piece of our fabric and burning it.  The smell should smell like you are burning cotton and not like burning microfiber or polyester.  

If you burn sheets and it has a plastic smell to it, chances are the material is not made out of material that is organic.

Because of our process, our sheets have superior breath ability which allows it to be great for people with night sweats and who need sheets that adapt to both hot and cool weather. They are also exceptionally soft and cool to the touch and has moisture wicking that is only topped by French Flax linen.  Many people who have allergies claim only our sheets have allowed them to sleep without itching through the night.