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Why Should You Buy an Bamboo Duvet Cover Set?

When it comes to the material of your duvet covers, you may not give a second thought to them while purchasing. It doesn't matter, right? Wrong.

Turns out, investing in a high-quality duvet cover pays off in the long run, as you'll get better sleep, wake up refreshed, and feel super relaxed. 

This is why bamboo bed sheets have been gaining popularity in recent years and are a better alternative to cotton. 

So in this post, we'll walk you through all the reasons why you should invest in an bamboo duvet cover set instead of the usual cotton or microfiber. Should you be making the change? Read on!

5 Reasons to Buy Bamboo Duvet Cover 

Below are some considerations to take into account and a few eye-opening benefits of sleeping on bamboo duvet covers:


Just by looking at them, you can tell that bamboo duvet cover sets are silky soft in texture. In fact, they are way softer than cotton sets, which is why they surpass others when it comes to the level of comfort. 

Also, they don’t entrap heat from your body, unlike regular sheets, which aren’t very good at thermoregulation. With bamboo, you can stay cool under the covers throughout those sweaty, humid summer nights.


Did you ever wake up sweaty with your bedsheet damp and smelly? Well, bad odor won’t be a problem with bamboo bed sheets, as they have excellent antibacterial properties. This is because they contain ‘bamboo kun,’ which is inherently antimicrobial and is present in all bamboo fibers. 

According to a study by the Japanese Textile Inspection Association, bamboo fabrics retain these properties even after fifty washes. Due to this reason, bamboo bed sheets are a more hygienic option than other materials.


If you have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies, investing in bamboo duvet cover sets might be the solution. Bamboo fibers reduce moisture from your bed, which in turn creates a dry environment, preventing mold growth and dust mite infiltration. 

This way, it’s safe from triggers, and you can sleep in peace without worrying about an allergic reaction.


Another remarkable feature of these covers is their durability. Since they're made up of bamboo fibers that stretch along the sheet's entire length, they're less prone to tears, unlike regular sheets. 

Furthermore, bamboo sheets are elastic in nature and don't shrink in size following a wash, increasing its overall durability.


If you’re a part of the go-green gang, buying bamboo duvet cover sets will support that cause. Fabrics made of bamboo are 100% biodegradable, leaving no chemical residue behind when disposed of in landfills. 

Moreover, bamboo sheets are vegan friendly, as they give the feel of silk despite being a plant in origin. Plus, these plants don’t need harmful pesticides during their cultivation, so bamboo bed sheets contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.


Even though you might have to pay slightly more for bamboo bed sheets, we guarantee it’s worth it. Not only are they good for the skin and your overall sleep quality, but they’re also eco-friendly and very sustainable - it’s the best of both worlds.