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Guide to Washing & Caring for Bamboo Sheets

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You've finally gotten an incredible set of bamboo sheets or are planning to and are wondering if there's a specific way to wash bamboo sheets and care for them. Do they need special care like silk, or do you care for them the same way you would cotton? Bamboo fabric does need proper care if you want to prolong its lifespan and enjoy all the benefits it offers. It requires a more gentle approach, and in this guide, we will go over how to wash bamboo sheets and the best way to keep them in great shape.  

Bamboo sheets are among the most luxurious material and weave you can find on the market. Made from long, silky bamboo fibers, you'll find these sheets to be strong, breathable, and delightfully moisture-wicking. They provide a cool and comfortable sleep in any season, so it's no wonder that hotels and homeowners alike are enthusiastic about stocking up on bamboo bedsheets.

Woven for absolute softness, Bamboo sheets are a little more delicate than your typical cotton percale. To adorn your bed, guest room, and linen closet with beautiful bamboo linens, a few care tips can really make a difference in their lifespan and quality. How do you wash and care for bamboo sheets? Let's dive into proper care for bamboo sheets and bed linens.

Change and Wash Bamboo Sheets Weekly

Let's start from the beginning. When your bed is made and you're luxuriating on bamboo, how often should you change your bamboo bed sheets?

For optimal performance over time, the smart answer is to change your bamboo sheets every one to two weeks. Weekly bedding changes are a smart move in any situation because they prevent your skin oils and night sweat from building up on the sheets. Everyone leaves their sheets a little rumpled. Washing every week will help to keep your bamboo sheets in good shape and ensure that any risk of early stains is washed before they can set in.

Washing and Cleaning Bamboo Sheets

  • Low Heat Settings
  • Wash Only with Sheets
  • Gentle Detergent
  • No Fabric Softener
  • Low Heat Drying

Bamboo sheets are machine-washable, but they can still be hand-washed. Either way, it's recommended to use cold or lukewarm water that doesn't exceed 30°C (86°F), and on a gentle cycle for the best, least damaging results. Cold water washes your sheets more quickly; plus, hot water can cause pilling or shrinking.

Secondly, it's best to wash bamboo sheets separately because zippers, hooks, rough fabrics, etc., can cause pilling and abrasion. Towels and blankets could also add a buildup of lint. Always use a mild detergent!   Following these bamboo sheets washing instructions ensures that your sheets retain their softness and their silky feeling remains for a long time. It's important to note that your bamboo sheets will feel stiff or rough. Don't panic though, its super lush and soft feeling will return once dried.

Should I wash bamboo sheets before first use?

The majority of bamboo sheets are not 100% organic and have chemicals added to them during manufacturing. Washing them before use helps to remove any chemical residues. However, it would be best not to use a detergent during this first wash as it will lock those chemicals in. Instead, you can use baking soda and vinegar.

Picking the Right Cleaning Solutions

The best detergent for bamboo sheets is the liquid kind that doesn't contain any harsh chemicals. These chemicals can cause fibers to break down, making your bamboo sheets become loose and less tightly woven. This will, in turn, make them wear down much faster and prevent them from providing the proper protection and comfort that bamboo sheets are known for. If you prefer powdered detergent, dissolve it in cold water before tossing the sheets into the wash to avoid abrasion in your bamboo fabrics.

Can you use fabric softener on bamboo sheets?

No, most contain chemicals that could break down the composition of the fabric and damage the sheets. They can also leave a film on the fabric, thus reducing moisture-wicking properties. Although there are gentle ones, bamboo sheets are already extra soft and smooth and will maintain that even after a wash, making fabric softeners unnecessary.

Can you bleach bamboo sheets?

No, you shouldn't. Bamboo fabric is quite delicate, and bleach is loaded with harsh chemicals that will quickly damage it. It will also leave your sheets feeling crunchy and itchy. What if you have a stain or are desperately trying to whiten your sheets?

Getting Stains Out of Bamboo Sheets

  • Vinegar and Water Soak
  • Light Detergent Dab
  • Oxygen Bleach, Never Chlorine
  • Enzyme Cleaner
  • Hydrogen Peroxide

Are there new stains on your bamboo sheets? Sweat, blood, and spilled drinks can all be removed from bamboo using gentle, non-chemical cleaners. Stain removal from bamboo sheets should be done carefully and only with bamboo-approved products. Harsh chemical products like chlorine bleach can damage your sheets and cause them to break down far sooner than is intended.

Stain Removal with Vinegar

Remove stains from bamboo sheets using vinegar to start with. Depending on the stain, combine white vinegar with cold water or hot water and allow the stain to soak for a few hours before washing the sheets.

The Detergent Dab

For spot stains and stubborn or colorful stains, try a dab of gentle detergent directly on the sheet. Softly rub a drop of detergent into the stain and let it set in before washing the sheets on low heat.

Enzyme and Oxy Cleaners

For some stains, you might try an enzyme-based cleaner. This breaks down organic compounds without using harsh chemicals. If you do need to bleach your bamboo sheets, use an oxygen-type bleach instead of a chlorine bleach to protect the integrity of the fabric. You can also use hydrogen peroxide for certain cleaning tasks.

Bed sheets hanging up to dry outside

How to Prevent Wrinkles in Bamboo Sheets

  • Fold Immediately Out of the Dryer
  • Hang to Dry on a Clothesline
  • Iron on Low Heat

Bamboo sheets are prone to wrinkles if you don't address them immediately after washing. Remove your bamboo sheets from the dryer immediately after the low-heat dryer cycle is done. If you have a clothesline, this is another way to prevent wrinkles while the sheets dry.

Can I iron my bamboo sheets?

One of the downsides of the bamboo sheet is that they tend to wrinkle out of the wash. Many of the wrinkles will fall out though, if you hang-dry the sheets and even when you sleep on them. Wrinkle-free bedding is lovely to see, and there's no harm in ironing bamboo sheets as long as it's on a low setting with preferably no steam.

Do bamboo sheets shrink?

Yes, excess heat during machine-drying or ironing can cause shrinkage.

How to Store Bamboo Sheets in the Linen Closet

  • Dry Shelf
  • Out of Direct Sunlight
  • Folded Into Neat Rectangles
  • No Plastic or Cardboard Containers

Of course, once you have one set of bamboo sheets, you're sure to want more. How should you store your collection of bamboo sheets in the linen closet?

First, keep your bamboo sheets on a dry shelf out of direct sunlight. Sunshine can cause colors to fade and slowly increase the deterioration of natural fibers.

Fold your bamboo sheets into neat rectangles with crisp lines. This will help your sheets to look elegant and unfold easily over the bed the next time they are taken from the linen closet.

Avoid placing your bamboo sheets in plastic bags or bins - as trapped moisture can cause them to yellow. Don't place them directly in cardboard or acid may be transferred to the sheets. If your sheets need containment on the shelves, as with a fluffy duvet cover, consider a bamboo bag or a fabric-lined basket.

When to Replace Bamboo Sheets and Pillowcases

Matching sets of bamboo sheet sets are gorgeous and a great way to stock your linen closet. But when is the right time to change out your favorite bamboo sheets for a new set?

Always replace your pillowcases more often than you replace the primary sheets. After all, we use pillowcases the most directly. Replace your bamboo sheets if you notice stretching or discoloration that doesn't soak away. 

Crisp new bamboo sheets will be the perfect pick-me-up for the week and a luxurious experience with your bed all over again.

Clean white bed sheets neatly folded on a bed.

Caring for Your Bamboo Sheets

Whether you are stocking up for your own bed or beautifully appointing the guest room, bamboo sheets are a wonderful choice for deep sleep and high-quality bedding. With proper care, your bamboo sheets could be providing luxury quality sleep for many years into the future.

Bamboo sheets are the best. In fact, they are slowly overtaking the classic Egyptian cotton sheets as the gold standard for luxury. We offer a variety of bamboo beddings to offer you countless fantastic night's sleep, and taking proper care of them will ensure you enjoy them for many years to come.