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The Best Bed Sheets for Sensitive Skin

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You spend a lot of your life under your sheets, and you deserve the best bed sheets for sensitive skin. Sliding into soft, luxurious sheets should feel great at the end of a long day, but if your bed sheets irritate your skin, the experience may not be as relaxing as it should be. When your sheets irritate your sensitive skin, you don't get as good of sleep to wake up feeling rested. In the article below, we'll explore what the best bed sheets are for sensitive skin.

What type of bed sheets are best for people with sensitive skin?

Finding bed sheets that don't irritate your skin can make your nights infinitely more restful, so which type of bed sheets are best? Regardless of the causes of your skin sensitivity, the best fabrics to alleviate skin irritation typically share some important qualities:

  • Breathable and lightweight. Air exchange getting to your skin could prevent sweat buildup that can lead to skin irritation.
  • Quality construction. Higher thread count means a softer feel, which could prevent the friction that irritates the skin.
  • Hypoallergenic. Bed sheets made from hypoallergenic materials could reduce the chance of any negative reaction.
  • Free of dyes and perfumes. Brightly colored sheets or scented laundry detergent can potentially irritate your skin.

For people with sensitive skin, often silk, 100% cotton, or bamboo bed sheets are the best option. These fabrics tend to be very delicate on the skin, and in the case of bamboo, are highly hypoallergenic.

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Why are my sheets making me itchy?

There are a number of reasons that even the most luxurious sheets could potentially make you itchy, even if they're perfectly clean. That's the first place to look for trouble with itchy sheets, as bedding can quickly become inundated with dust mites, pollen, and other tiny irritants that could upset your skin.

If your sheets are freshly cleaned without a detergent that has tons of perfumes, and they still make you itchy, then it's time to look at the sheets themselves. The number one reason that people get itchy at night is from overheating. When sheets are too heavyweight or not breathable enough, it's not uncommon for them to cause you to sweat. With poor airflow underneath them, the sweat sits on your skin overnight or soaks into your sheets, which causes your skin to become irritated. This isn't limited just to sheets, and your blanket may also be making you itch unless you have a breathable and moisture-wicking duvet cover as well.

Can new bed sheets make you itch?

New bed sheets may arrive at your home pristinely pressed and looking soft and ready to be curled up in, but in fact, they will need to be washed first. Bed sheets are produced in a factory and then are likely shipped for months across the ocean and the road. Best to wash them thoroughly before using them to be sure that they are as clean as you'd like them to be.

Can certain sheets irritate my skin?

Certain materials can definitely have a different effect on your skin than others. Heavy materials like wool or fleece may feel soft and cozy, but their thickness nearly entirely cuts off airflow to your skin, which leads to irritation. Likewise, bright colors or heavy dyes could potentially irritate some people's skin. For those with sensitive skin, sticking to white or ivory bed sheets is often the best bet, since they contain much fewer dyes than their colorful counterparts.

Can I be allergic to my sheets?

You can absolutely be allergic to the material that your bed sheets are made of. Allergies happen when histamines react to a substance as if it is poised to cause harm to the body, even though it's totally innocuous. Some people have this reaction to certain fabrics, but there are definitely types of fabrics that are less prone to allergic reactions than other fabrics. The fabrics that are usually safe, even for those with extremely sensitive skin are:

  • 100% cotton
  • Tencel
  • Silk
  • Bamboo

While these types of sheets tend to be free of any major allergens, outside influences can still cause them to irritate your skin. Dust mites, mold, or mildew can slowly develop within the fabric of some bed sheets, which could cause major skin irritation over time. Bamboo pillowcases and bed sheets actually counteract these too, as the natural fibers of bamboo are resistant to incursions from most serious irritants.

Why are bamboo sheets so great for those with sensitive skin?

Sheets made from bamboo fiber offer a lot of advantages to those with major problems with skin irritation. Bamboo is hypoallergenic, so you know that the material itself won't irritate your skin. Beyond that, however, bamboo is also anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, so you know that your skin will always feel great at night underneath soft bamboo sheets.

Bamboo is also incredibly moisture-wicking, which means that if you do sweat overnight, bamboo fiber effectively moves that moisture away from your skin. This removes one of the most common irritants from bed sheets, and helps ensure that you won't get overheated and itchy during the night. Bamboo sheets are also incredibly sustainable when compared to sheets made with more conventional fabrics, so you know that manufacturing your sheets didn't do harm to the environment.

Luxurious bed sheets for your sensitive skin with Hotel Sheets Direct

You spend far too much of your life in bed to be itchy and irritated from your bed sheets. World-class bamboo linens can change the way you sleep, and finally, help you get the night's sleep you deserve without any annoying skin irritation. That's why we now offer our sheets to the public at the same low prices that hotels pay for soft, and luxurious sheets.

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