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The Ultimate Guide for the Master Bedroom Makeover of Your Dreams

- Hotel Sheets Direct Brand Team

Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas by Hotel Sheets Direct

“When should I redo my bedroom?” We all ask this at one point or another during the year, but never really know when to start. Well, we here at Hotel Sheets Direct are here to tell you that the time is RIGHT NOW! This is your sign! New year, new room! 

Now’s the time to stop talking about redesigning your room and actually doing it. We know it may seem a little daunting, but trust us, it’s worth it. Changing your bedroom into your dream room isn’t as scary as it seems - it can be easy, fun, and most importantly, cheap

While the terminology for ‘master bedroom’ is quite outdated, it’s still pretty widely used to describe the biggest room in your house. It may seem daunting to tackle a big room like that, but trust us, you can turn any master bedroom from drab to fab in no time, without having to call in a construction crew. 

All it takes is some easy remodeling, essential sheet upgrades, and some slight rearranging…and a helpful guide, of course.

We’re going to go over all the basics - where to start, some easy bedroom remodeling ideas, how to master organization, and some helpful decor tips. After this blog is finished, you’ll have everything you need (mostly) to get the master bedroom makeover you’ve always wanted!

How to Start Your Master Bedroom Makeover

So, where do we begin? Well, a good place to start is by creating a master bedroom layout to use as a reference. Next, pinpoint areas you’d like to change (if you’re trying to change all of it, great! Just make some notes). Be sure to mark down where all of your master bedroom furniture is, as well as their estimated size for reference.

If you’re stumped on where to start, we’ve got you covered. Consider these points first: 

  • Floor Space

Minimalism is all the rage, so make some space! Having a wide floor space opens up the room, makes your master bedroom look larger and more organized, and more importantly, is great for rest and relaxation. 

Look around at any knick knacks, detritus, or unused chairs you have around. Is any of it sparking joy? Donate or give away anything that takes up space that you don’t feel like you need. You’d be surprised how much stuff we hold on to that gathers dust. 

  • Proper Seating

Minimalism is great, but don’t go too far! Because of the master bedroom’s size, you may want to keep a chair or two in there as you see fit. This can be a small chair or a big loveseat, depending on your size restrictions! Chairs and seating arrangements can tie a room together while also giving people who visit an alternative to sitting on your bed and ruining your nicely made sheets. 

  • Overall Comfort

Aesthetics are important, but the reality is that in any bedroom, comfort should come first. If you’ve been sleeping on the same flat pillows for years, don’t carry them into your master bedroom makeover - it’s time to toss ‘em for new models. For some serious comfort that’s built to last for years, try these Hotel Sheets Direct bamboo memory foam pillows. These things are seriously comfy, look nice and plush, and won’t flatten over time. It’s a win-win-win!

Bamboo Pillows for Master Bedroom Makeover

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into some of the more precise details to get your mind racing and your bedroom made over!

Master Bedroom Remodeling Ideas (No Construction Needed!)

A lot of times, full remodels aren’t necessary - all you need to do is move stuff around and make some aesthetically pleasing additions to get similar results! 

Here are some bedroom remodeling ideas to consider if (like us) you’re not interested in a full-blown renovation: 

  • Light It Up! 

Many people who are trying to remodel their master bedroom fail to see the light (literally)! Even if you have a lot of window light, having appropriate lighting is still a must. Plus, even the smallest lights can change up a room completely! For a total change, try out these Power Practical LED light strips. They’re super versatile, can change color, and can be placed pretty much anywhere. You can light up any corner with these! 

  • Find the Right Color Scheme

The sky’s the limit with color! You really can’t go wrong here - whatever colors you like, there’s a way to use them in your master bedroom layout! Just make sure that you’re using complementary colors in your palette (here’s a helpful diagram of complementary colors). Whether you’re painting the walls or finding the right drapes, a splash of color can completely change a room. 

  • Shelf Storage is Key

Your master bedroom makeover isn’t complete without this! Adding your own shelving to your walls is way easier than you think - and there are a lot of types out there. You can open up a lot of space just by placing your decorations on the walls rather than on surfaces! Try these easy to install shelves - they look cute, can hold quite a bit of weight, and are all the rage right now!

Master bedroom makeover bedding by Hotel Sheets Direct

How to Organize Your Master Bedroom

Keeping a big bedroom organized can be really difficult - unless you plan ahead! The key to organizing is making the most out of the space you have.

First, think about where you want your bed to be. Knowing where to place a bed in your bedroom starts with aesthetics. Typically, the best place to put your bed is at the far end of the room, facing the door. This both saves space and looks pleasing to the eye. Try to map out the other furniture based around the bed, making sure to give yourself enough space to move around. 

For storage, you’ll want to utilize all of the space you have in a meaningful way. If you’re looking for extra storage space for your master bedroom, think about these places: 

  • Under the bed storage (organized in bins)
  • Cleaning out your closet for more space
  • Tasteful storage bins that double as decoration

These are just a few ideas for those seeking some extra space. Organization may not be the most fun part, but it’s an essential part of your master bedroom makeover!

Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

  • Get a Bookshelf

For those looking to know how to make a bedroom more cozy, read on - Bookshelves make any room (and those who live in it) look cool, calm, and comfortable. If you’ve got the space, try getting a bookshelf and filling it up with all of your books that you may have laying around (DVDs work too, though I suggest putting them near the bottom). Bookshelves can take a room from simple to sophisticated in a matter of minutes, so we highly recommend it. Plus, it may inspire you to read some more! (If you’re anything like us, you should be reading way more than you do).

  • Matching Nightstands

Looking for more things to put in your room? You really can never go wrong with symmetry. Try grabbing 2 identical nightstands to put on either side of your bed to make the most out of your surface space (while looking super put together). 

  • Stylish Appliances

Smart technology doesn’t just make our lives easier, it makes us look cool while we do it. Try incorporating a smart speaker or device somewhere in your room for some killer aesthetic. If you’re not feeling that, take it back to the classics - add an analog clock, stationary, or vintage lights to your room for a whole new look. 

  • Elegant Master Bedroom Bedding

We’ve finally made it to the most important part of your master bedroom makeover  - the bedding! Master bedrooms are known for having massive, elegant beds. Even if you don’t have one, you can make your bed seem bigger and more extravagant with some tasteful layered bedding options. 

Let’s start with the sheets. Those looking for comfort, quality, and beauty should try these super soft bamboo bed sheets. If you don’t know much about bamboo bedding, here’s a rundown: they’re sustainably resourced, stain and tear-resistant, anti-pilling, and most importantly - unbelievably soft. Plus, these sheets come in so many different colors, so you can mix and match until you find the perfect set for your new master bedroom. 

Next, let’s look at the pillows. We’ve already talked about the best memory foam pillows to get, but they’re not complete without this soft set of pillowcases to match your new sheets. Layered bedding is all about pillows, so honestly, the more pillows, the better! 

All of these sheets and cases range from twin to king size bedding, so you’ve got plenty of options to choose from! 

Final Thoughts

Look at how far we’ve come - and all without picking up one sledgehammer and completely renovating our master bedroom. If you’re looking for other tips (or amazing products) check out our website! It’s got everything you need to get comfy - the classy way. 

Enjoy your new room!


Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor