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About Us

Our Mission

At Hotel Sheets Direct our goal is to provide the highest quality bed sheets and linens to our customers at the best price possible. 


How We Do It

Traditionally bed sheets are made by a manufacturer who then sells to a distributor who then sells to wholesalers who then sells to retailers who eventually sell to the consumer. At each step a markup is added so the final price to the consumer is many times greater than the cost to manufacture.

Additionally each sale along the supply chain incurs transportation charges and pollution.

We cut out the middle men and sell directly from the factory to you meaning we can provide a better product at a fraction of what you would normally get elsewhere.


 Our Origins

 We started out as a manufacturer of sheets for hotels in the USA. Over time we received a lot of compliments about our sheets from guests who decided to look at the sheets to find out the maker in order to purchase our sheets.  

Around 2015 we started selling sheets in retail packaging directly to consumers.  We believe our success is due to the outstanding value we provide to our customers along with our customer centric attitude.

We now sell the highest rated bamboo bed sheet set on Amazon.